Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park



 EQUATORRAD MotoAdventure is a name that represents a truly sensational experience, by riding a motorcycle across various types of roads, routes and lines with varying levels of difficulty, for the sake of enjoying the natural beauty of Indonesia.

The purpose of Equatorrad MotoAdventure is to penetrate deep within Indonesia’s natural beauty, that at many points it is very difficult to achieve with ordinary vehicles, to showcase the beauty, elegance and natural charm of Indonesia, from the unique perspective of a biker.

Our well trained and experienced Guides will provide the best assist / service when needed. This means, you don't have to worry for getting lost on purpose or going away to get a new perspective by riding a Motorcycle  

This is our real concern to continue exploring the culture of the country and introducing the beauties of Indonesia, show it to the people of Indonesia, as well as the eyes of the international tourists




Indonesian Motorcycle Tour / Adventure Operator

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