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SUMATERA Tour/Adventure


Due to our long term experience in Sumatera , we are offering a variety of Motorbike tours in and around Sumatera and also all over Indonesia. Our tours are full of adventure and challenges that you hardly experience with other tour operators.

Have a peek on our Off-road - shortcuts adventure and an adrenaline pumping motorcycle tour. Sumatera is known as an island that developing many aspects of the infrastructure island. Therefore on some stage, we simply can’t say that you’ll reach a daily target due to the track condition, such as landslide in some road part, destroyed road because of flood, or Bridges can be missing. In some case, the heavy rain might turns the gravel road or the red soil carpets into a series of slippery mud holes. At this point, build a camping site in the middle of nowhere will be an option. Not to worry. Our experienced Operator personnel will always be with you.

On our On-road trips into the interior, you will be able to sleep in a comfortable guest houses, or build a camp site on the beach that might appear along the way. Often, blend with locals is another option that we can give, so you will definitely see what the real life of Sumatera people' daily life. But, you will experience the hospitality of the local tribes deep in some part of Sumatera. You will get in touch with nature and the indigenous culture and life of Sumatera.

Our Motorbike tour and adventure program will depends on the season, your special inquiries and availability of Operator personnel and the Motorbikes. Just get in touch with us and we will create your favored trip.

Here are some Offered Routes:

Offered Route #1

City Tour / City Night Tour :  for Beginners riders, 1 day,  approximately 150 km, stop at some Point of Interest area. Seeing some city night life area, ride to the city border, up to Ride to the Bronx area of the city. Definitely guided by our Well experienced Operator. This is a high fun and low adventure trip; pillion is possible.


Offered Route # 2

Teluk Kiluan Sightseeing: for Beginners-experienced Riders. Warm-up on our motorbikes, sightseeing, visiting the Beautiful Teluk Ratai, ride on some gravel and holes road and passing some  nice and cozy Beaches along the journey.  Getting in touch with local villages around might become a beautiful scenery for your Photographs.  Its A simple 3-Days 2-Nights trip, approximately 350 km and pillion is possible.


Offered Route #3

West Coast Tour 1: for advanced riders, 3 days, approx. 450 km, spending the night in guest house or camp site on the beach. Listening to the wave at night, sunrise and sunset scenery include cooking for our own meal for dinner. Approximately 60% on sealed roads, rest on gravel and forest tracks, medium adventure level and pillion is possible. You will experience the forests, pass National Park and hear the story of Sumatera Tiger from the locals. Get in touch with logging activities and will ride on active logging roads.


Offered Route #4

West Coast Tour 2: for experienced off-road riders, 8 days and 7 nights with 1 day in reserve, full combination of an On-road and Off-road riding. We can’t really guarantee to get through on time! Approximately 1200 km, half on sealed roads, half on full gravel and clay roads.  Will pass some Sumatera National Parks, famous and stunning Lakes plus the  scenery of Incredible Bukit Barisan. The survival kit will be indispensable as well as the outdoor gears, kit and tools. We will at least once spend the night in a tent as our campsite in the jungle and experience the sounds of the tropical rain forest.


Offered Route #5

All-around Sumatera Tour: this tour is the ultimate high end experience for experienced riders! Approx. 4’800km, crossing 6 Provinces, visiting the most exposed tips of Sumatera, riding on mountain pass roads, crossing the equator, snorkeling and/or diving in some of the most beautiful underwater worlds, the possibility of climbing the Incredible Harau Valley wall in West Sumatera, visiting caves, Old haunted abandoned Dutch coal mining, hot springs, passing by hundreds of villages and cities – just full of pure adventure! The trip is calculated for 25 days, but needs 1 week in reserve.


For your comfort and safety, we offer a variety of facilities as follows:


For tour preparation before and after the trip, you can enjoy our Guesthouse in Bogor, in a natural environment with highland tropical life style, small pool, natural garden, maybe with a sweet drink and a nice massage. We are happy to host motor bike groups form other tour operators and offer our repair and hosting facilities for passing by motor bike travelers.


Have a look in our Garage. We provide some types of Motorbike for different purpose. Each motorbike we provide, will depend on your favor and Journey plan. But for general combination of a Motorbike  Adventure, We rely on the TVS Apache RTR 180 Dual purpose series for our On-road and Off-road trips.

TVS Apache RTR 180 is ideal for a purpose like this and still has enough power and incredible acceleration for single or double riders. This light weight is ideal for combined tracks including heavy off-roading. In the forests it can be repaired easily and is easy to handle. Its high torque and big back wheel gear allows even heavy westerners to drive comfortable in steep mountains. Our TVS Apache RTR180 is equipped with GIVI E21 sidebox and SB2000 bracket frame. Tankbags and seatbags also available upon request.


You will be accompanied by experienced and good English speaking guides . The guides will show and explain the local culture and habits. They will guide you to nice spots of interest and bring you in contact with local people along the track. For some off-road trips you will be accompanied by local guides as well, especially in the deeper forest. For long trips on the road we offer helmet to helmet voice connection.


We calculate fair all-include costs and declare clearly in advance, what costs are not included. You are charged on a daily basis which includes the following:

#Rent of motorbike, including normal maintenance, fuel, oil and standard spare parts.

#Insurance for the motorbike. The deductible you pay in advance as deposit payment will be reimbursed after the trip, provided that the motorbike is still in a good condition.

#Full accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and drinks in regular pauses during the trip.

#Guide with his own motorbike, salary and full accommodation.

#Helmet, motorbike jackets, gloves and boots are available on request (you can bring your own as well).

#Fines and penalties to be paid by customer


For a fixed quote, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.




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